We’re hiring!

Kudos is growing! We’re looking for a technical lead to help us continue to develop our platform in 2014, when we will be supporting a greater number of publisher customers and authors / institutions in maximizing the visibility, usage and impact of their research. Here’s how our CTO Leigh Dodds describes the role:

We’re looking for

• A “full stack” developer with good all-round skills – capable of building scalable, back-end applications as well as dynamic websites
• Experience with building, maintaining and scaling both back-end and front-end web applications and web APIs
• Ruby and Ruby on Rails (or similar frameworks based on Active Record)
• Javascript and JQuery
• Experience with agile test-driven development, e.g. using RSpec, and continuous integration
• Git for version control
• Unix scripting skills to support server configuration and management on the target Ubuntu environment
• Experience working with cloud-based hosting, e.g Amazon cloud and/or Rackspace
• Good communication skills for dealing with colleagues (including those less technical), partners, customers
• Ideally, experience working as a distributed team (e.g. using IRC, Google Hangouts, etc) and / or managing other developers.

To apply, please send a CV and cover letter to info@growkudos.com by 15th December 2014.

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