COVID-19 - you can help counteract 'fake news'

March 13 2020 / By Charlie Rapple

covid-19-4922384_1920One of the many worrying issues around COVID-19 is the spread of pseudoscience, recommending everything from giving up ice cream to drinking bleach.

We believe providing the media and the public with plain language summaries of research, written specifically for non-academic audiences, is an important part of managing coronavirus. So we are creating a ‘research hub’ of simple explanations and trustworthy interpretations of the facts.

If you have published research with any relevance to COVID-19 and its implications, can you take 10 minutes to help us counteract fake news?


Use our free service to summarize your findings or recommendations in a way that is easy for a broad audience to understand. Your work might relate to:

Communicable diseases • Zoonotic diseases • Health service management • Public health • Hygiene interventions • Infection control and prevention • Risk communication and community engagement • Disaster management • Crisis modelling • Supply chain management • Remote working • Travel restrictions • Economic impacts • Statistical analysis • Social stigma • Cultural customs • Social isolation • Aged care • or many other topics!

How can you help?

1. Log in (

2. Pick or add a publication

3. Explain "What is it about?” and "Why is it important?”
Tip: use the Perspective field to add a note to an older paper, explaining its relevance to the current pandemic

4. Tell us ( - we will add your summary to our hub!
Tip: mention COVID-19 or coronavirus in your summary and this will happen automatically!

5. Tell your network
Tip: use the hashtag #coronavirusfacts to maximize the reach of your summary

Thank you in advance for helping fight fake news with facts.

We are cross-posting this to ensure as many people as possible can participate - please accept our apologies if you receive this message or see this post multiple times.

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