Catch Kudos speaking at the ALPSP seminar: "It's all about discoverability, stupid!" on 10th July 2013

July 4 2013 / By David Sommer

On 10th July Charlie Rapple, one of the co-founders of Kudos, will be speaking at the ALPSP seminar on leveraging authors' expertise and networks to increase discoverability and usage:

More and more articles are being published, but with reader time at a premium, many are never read, let alone cited. Harnessing authors’ expert knowledge and connections can broaden the reach of traditional and new media efforts to make published work easier to find, read and cite. But, of course, author time is also at a premium! This talk will explore existing (anecdotal) evidence around the impact of social and multimedia on increased usage, and introduce the Kudos initiative, which aims to provide a highly automated, scalable, cross-publisher service to help researchers measure, monitor and maximize the usage of and citations to their published work.

You can register for the seminar here.

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