The Kudos alpha team!

October 7 2013 / By David Sommer


Thanks to the Royal Society of Chemistry for hosting us at beautiful Burlington House* today for a combined meeting of two of Kudos' three pilot partners. We had lots of exciting discussions about what future phases of Kudos might incorporate, some of which we hope we might even be able to put into action as part of the current alpha phase. Here's a picture of the assembled team in the agreeable surroundings of the RSC library, which has recently been refurbished back to its original elegance. All looking suitably "dignified", I'm sure you'll agree!

*described as the "dignified" home of the RSC, which leads us to ponder how one might describe their Cambridge offices!

L-R: Meloney Barlett (RSC), Joanne Thomas (RSC), Louise Russell (Kudos), Charlie Rapple (Kudos), Charlotte Van Rooyen (Kudos), Melinda Kenneway (Kudos), Leila Mills (Taylor & Francis), David Sommer (Kudos), Lisa Mahan (Taylor & Francis), Harriet Joyce (Taylor & Francis) - and behind the camera, Will Russell (RSC). Our colleagues from AIP Publishing were with us in spirit!

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