In the news again: Elsevier and Taylor & Francis interview Kudos

February 10 2014 / By David Sommer

The last couple of weeks have seen two of our publisher partners share information about Kudos in a couple of ways.

Firstly, the ElsevierConnect newsletter published an article in which Elsevier's Senior Marketing Communications Manager Lucy Goodchild and Kudos' Charlie Rapple talk through questions including:

• why is a service like Kudos important to authors?

• what changes will Kudos be making during 2014?

• how does Kudos fit in with other author services?

Meanwhile, Taylor & Francis also interviewed Charlie for their Editor Resources website, and have published the conversation as a series of bite-size videos addressing questions such as:

• how will Kudos increase usage?

• how can editors encourage authors to engage?

• what are the benefits for publishers?

Look out for another posting soon where we'll include video of Kudos' David Sommer going APE (at the Academic Publishing in Europe conference), and let you know about other events coming soon in the Kudos calendar (note that I resisted the urge to capitalize that and spell it with a K).

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