Press release: Kudos reports accelerating uptake by authors of tools to increase publication impact

June 20 2014 / By MelindaK

19th June 2014

For immediate release

Kudos today announced that the number of authors registering to use tools to increase the views and downloads of their articles and books is growing by 1,000 each week.

The full service site went live at the end of April, following a successful pilot run during 2013 in partnership with AIP Publishing, the Royal Society of Chemistry and Taylor & Francis.

“Our pilot attracted over 5,500 registrations during a 14 week period,” said Melinda Kenneway, a Director and Co-founder of Kudos. “Since the new site went live a few weeks ago, we’re now seeing registrations growing by over 1,000 each week, from authors across a whole range of subject disciplines and from all over the world. We’re working closely with our publisher partners to ensure a smooth invitation process makes it easy for their authors to come in and start using Kudos to increase the impact of their publications.”

Kudos is a start-up that provides tools to authors to help them increase the usage of their publications through a four step process of explaining, enriching and sharing links to their articles and books –driving traffic back to publisher sites – and then measuring the impact of this on a range of article level metrics. Results from the pilot showed a 19% increase in publication downloads for those authors using the sharing tools.

Demographic data collected at registration indicates the broad appeal of Kudos. The profile of current users shows they are based in over 3,000 institutions in 122 countries worldwide, with significant representation in the UK, USA and China. And its not just early career researchers showing an interest – over a third of registered users are Professors. The top ten institutions represented by users include the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, the University of Pennsylvania, Imperial College, Monash University and the University of Malaya.

“We’re really pleased with these early results,” continued Melinda. “We are building on this now to encourage ongoing and regular usage of the tools once authors have registered. Of the core tools we provide, writing lay metadata is most popular, followed by linking related resources to their publications such as images and videos. But the most spectacular results are being achieved by those authors using Kudos to share links to their work through social media. Our highest performing authors achieve literally hundreds of trackable click-throughs to their publications. By sharing these kind of results, we hope to inspire wider uptake of these new communication channels to help all researchers increase the visibility and impact of their work.”

Kudos is currently seeking publisher partners for 2015. Participation greatly enhances an author’s usage of Kudos and offers publishers a variety of benefits including access to a suite of reports that can be used for ongoing author relationship and content marketing campaigns. For more information please contact us at: Kudos will be running a series of webex demonstrations for publishers throughout July. To register to attend, please go to:

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