Citation counts added to Kudos' author dashboard

February 10 2015 / By Charlie Rapple

Our first major development of the year is now live, and we encourage all our users to take a look! Your author dashboard now contains "Times Cited" counts from Thomson Reuters Web of Science™. This means that in addition to seeing how many times your publication has been viewed on the Kudos site and on the publisher site, and in addition to seeing its Altmetric score, you can also see how many times it has been cited, and link through to Web of Science™ to see a list of the citing articles. Here's a screenshot of how your dashboard now looks - with citations added on the far right:

Author_dashboard_w_citations_screenshot_2Web of Science™ Times Cited figures are based on citations counted during indexing of the thousands of publications in Web of Science™ - which includes databases such as Medline, INSPEC, FSTA, CAB Abstracts, Biosis and more. Of course, the dataset does not include every publication that might generate citations, so the citation counts you see in Kudos may differ to those you see in other services that calculate citations based on a different set of sources. Following the links to the records in Web of Science™ will enable you to see which citations are included in these counts.

The Kudos team continue to review other metrics that we might add to our dashboards to help make them as useful as possible to you. Please feel free to share your ideas with us (@growkudos or In the meantime, enjoy checking out your citations in your new dashboard!


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