Kudos Spotlights #6

April 19 2016 / By Lauren McNeill

This week, we have 10 new authors appearing in the spotlights section of the Kudos website. Each of these authors have explained and shared their work in various ways, with some adding resources and their own perspectives to further support their work. If you'd like to read more about how to get the most out of Kudos, click here.

Remember we are also collecting your experiences of Kudos with our new author case study cards. If you would like to share your Kudos story and feature as a case study, please get in touch.

1. Dr Sukhmani Mantel

'Water resources management in the context of future climate and development changes: a South African case study'

What’s it about?

2. Mr David Rosenbaum

'A longitudinal qualitative case study of change in nonprofits: Suggesting a new approach to the management of change'

What’s it about? 

3. Dr Dasapta Erwin Irawan

'Hydrogeochemistry of volcanic hydrogeology based on cluster analysis of Mount Ciremai, West Java, Indonesia'

What’s it about?

4. Mrs Beatrice Grimonpont

'The Impact of Customer Behaviour on the Business Organization in the Multichannel Context (Retail)'

What’s it about?

5. Dr Eduardo Oliveira

'Place branding as a strategic spatial planning instrument'

What’s it about?

6.    Dr Luke S Bearup

'Reintegration as an Emerging Vision of Justice for Victims of Human Trafficking'

What’s it about?

7.    Dr Nathalie Rivere de Carles

'Between Two Stools'

What’s it about?

8.     Ely A Wolin

'Current controversies in the initial post-surgical radioactive iodine therapy for thyroid cancer: a narrative review'

What’s it about?

9.    Mrs Karly M (Rivenbark) Earp

'Association of Hashimoto's thyroiditis with thyroid cancer'

What’s it about?

10.  Professor Milos Djukic

'Hydrogen Embrittlement of Industrial Components: Prediction, Prevention and Models'

What’s it about?

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