Kudos Spotlights #7

June 3 2016 / By Lauren McNeill

This week, we have 10 new authors appearing in the spotlights section of the Kudos website. Each of these authors have explained and shared their work in various ways, with some adding resources and their own perspectives to further support their work.

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1. Dr Sergio A. Molina-Murillo

'The Paradigm of Forests and the Survival of the Fittest'

What’s it about?

2. Dr Pamela D. Tucker

'Research supporting ELCC standards'

What’s it about? 

3. Dr Graham D. Bullock

'The comprehensiveness of competing higher education sustainability assessments'

What’s it about?

4. Dr Alan Garrow

'An Extant Instance of ‘Q’'

What’s it about?

5. Janet L. Gbur

'Fatigue and fracture of wires and cables for biomedical applications'

What’s it about?

6. Pedro C. Magalhaes

'Economic Evaluations, Procedural Fairness, and Satisfaction with Democracy'

What’s it about?

7. Kevin Gue 

'Setting Deadlines in Order Fulfillment Systems'

What’s it about?

8.  Dr Douglas G. Adams 

'Can wearable tech help you run better?'

What’s it about?

9.    Ir. Hanafiah Shamsudin

'Development of CW and Pulsed Thulium Ytterbium Co-doped Fiber Lasers Using Nano-engineered Yttria-alimina-silica Based Gain Medium in Conjunction with Cladding Pumping Technique'

What’s it about?

10.  Dr Alejandro Marquez-Lara

'Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs and Bone-Healing: A Systematic Review of Research Quality'

What’s it about?

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