Kudos on tour: where we'll be in late 2016

September 2 2016 / By Lauren McNeill

And just like that, Summer's gone. However, there is still lots to be excited about and the next few months will see us attending a variety of big events worldwide! IMG_0306

We recently attended our first researcher event with the American Chemical Society in Philadelphia - it was a great opportunity to speak with authors and find out how they are promoting their research and how we can help them increase impact. Furthermore, we recently launched our new campaign to help #mobilizeresearch - the campaign has already received great feedback from the research community, so be sure to come and find out how you can get involved, at one of these upcoming events:

  • On 13th September, our Senior Product Manager Logan Smith will be speaking at the #FuturePub event in London. Logan's talk 'Exploring Kudos - new integrations and our UX design' will be one of seven on the day. Also attending this event is our Account Manager Laura Simonite. Please get in touch with Laura if you'd like to meet.
  • Also on 13th September, our Head of Client Management Ann Lawson will be at the London Publishing Club event on Charlotte Street in London - please let Ann know if you'd like to catch up there.
  • As a reigning ALPSP 2015 award winner, we will be attending the ALPSP Conference in London from 14th - 16th September. Ann and Laura will be there - get in touch to let them know if you are also attending! Kudos Co-founder and Executive Director Melinda Kenneway will be there too, chairing the 'Beyond Article Level Metrics' session on Thursday 15th September, and Co-founder and Product Director will be there to announce this year's ALPSP award winners!
  • David will also be attending the 3:AM conference in Bucharest from 28th-29th September, along with our Institutional Sales Manager Steve Smith. Get in touch with Steve if you are planning to attend or would like to arrange a meeting.
  • Our US representative Rebecca Shumbata will be at the ORCID Outreach Meeting in Washington DC on October 5th - drop Rebecca a line if you'd like to catch up while she's in DC
  • Laura and Ann will also be at the Frankfurt Book Fair from 19th-21st October. Meeting slots are already filling up, so please get in touch if you are attending and would like to meet.
  • Co-founder and Sales & Marketing Director Charlie Rapple will speaking at "Towards Impact and Contributions to Knowledge", the upcoming RSA Student and Early Career Conference in Newcastle. The conference will be held across 27th-28th October and Charlie will be discussing 'Maximizing the Impact of your Research Outputs'. If you are planning to attend the event, we'd love you to get in touch.
  • Ann will complete a busy October with a trip to Brussels for the International Society of Managing & Technical Editors' EU conference from October 31st to November 1st - she will be showcasing our new "viewer", which enables those who outsource their publishing to nonetheless benefit from Kudos intelligence - contact Ann if you'll have people at ISMTE and would like to take a look
  • And finally! Rebecca and David will be at the Charleston Conference from 31st October - 5th November. David will be taking part in a 'lively lunch' panel about the discoverability of open access content. Get in touch and let us know if you will be attending.

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