Broader research communication and impact - £100 prize draw

February 13 2020 / By Charlie Rapple

The increased focus on broader (non-academic) impacts, and the growth of trans-disciplinary and trans-sectoral research, is leading researchers to engage with a wider range of collaborators and audiences.

In partnership with a range of publishers and research organizations, we are leading a study to understand these changes. We are seeking to explore:

  • the extent to which researchers are expected to engage with audiences outside of academia
  • the motivations and responsibilities relating to these ‘broader impacts’
  • mechanisms by which ‘broader impacts’ are being achieved; and
  • support / budget being made available to assist researchers in achieving ‘broader impacts’ goals. 

By understanding any gaps between what is expected and what is currently being achieved, we hope to identify areas in which more support is required.

We invite you to take 15 minutes to share your views and experiences with us via an online survey. Survey participants will be entered into a prize draw for online shopping vouchers. The prize value is £100 (or the equivalent in local currency, where possible – terms and conditions apply). The survey is open until Sunday, March 1st, 2020. 

To participate in the survey and enter the prize draw, please follow this link:

Take the survey

We would like to thank the many partners who are supporting the project:

There are still a couple of sponsor seats available - if you would like access to the results, and analysis including custom findings and recommendations based on specific respondent groups, please contact

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