Publishers rally behind campaign to fill knowledge gap around climate research

October 5 2021 / By Charlie Rapple

American Meteorological Society, BRILL, De Gruyter, Delta Think, Frontiers, IOP Publishing, IOS Press and Wiley join Climate Change Knowledge Cooperative


Kudos and Impact Science have announced the latest organizations to join the Climate Change Knowledge Cooperative, a curated content collection and associated media campaign to coincide with the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP 26). American Meteorological Society, BRILL, De Gruyter, Delta Think, Frontiers, IOP Publishing, IOS Press and Wiley join Royal Society of Chemistry and AIP Publishing as foundation partners. Together the campaign sponsors are providing the global public with a one-stop source of trustworthy climate research that has been made easy to explore and understand. Each is selecting a range of articles, books or other climate content to be summarized in simple language by the expert writers at Impact Science; the summaries will be hosted by Kudos Select, an attractive magazine-style platform for showcasing research to broader audiences. 

“As a society publisher, we understand the importance of engaging with the public to develop scientific knowledge and understanding,” says Miriam Maus, Publishing Director at IOP Publishing. “The climate crisis transcends the boundaries of academic disciplines, so it makes sense to collaborate with other publishers to reach more people, and provide them with more context and insight We are delighted to be able to complement our own initiatives by joining the Climate Change Knowledge Cooperative.”

“We work with publishers and societies across the scholarly sector, and we’ve seen a growing sense that publishers have a role to play beyond facilitating the communication of knowledge between researchers – a responsibility to explain research in ways that everyone can understand its implications or recommendations,” adds Lori Carlin, Chief Commercial Officer & Senior Consultant at Delta Think, the first affiliate, or non-content provider, to support the Cooperative. “You can see the connection to the growth of open access – summarizing the research in lay terms with an explanation of why it is important is a ‘missing link’ in helping taxpayers and donors to understand and benefit from the research they’ve funded.”

"We need everyone to help solve the climate crisis – from individual action, to corporate leadership and national policies. We're excited to be part of this joint initiative to make high-impact climate science more accessible to those in and beyond the scientific community," said Shari Hofer, Wiley Senior Vice President of Global Enterprise Marketing. "At Wiley, we know that demand for this research is high – last year alone we saw more than 37 million downloads of earth and environmental science content across more than 70 journals."

The Cooperative’s flagship content site will go live to coincide with the COP26 conference later this month. To find out more about including your content, or providing support as an affiliate sponsor, please visit the website or contact Charlie Rapple.

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