Kudos and Researchfish: Use your Researchfish submission to grow your influence with Kudos

March 1 2023 / By MelindaK

If you’re a UKRI-funded researcher, then you are likely preparing your outcomes report this month to submit via Researchfish. With outcomes usually needing to be reported from early in your project until at least five years after your project ends, this is a significant undertaking – but one of huge value in terms of helping UKRI demonstrate impact, justify its funding and encourage knowledge sharing of best practice to optimise research outcomes.

Kudos can help you with this challenging task, and we can also help you get additional benefits from all the work that goes into preparing your submission – to grow the influence of your research. When you’ve already done the hard work of summarising the significance of your project, its objectives and outcomes, why not use that same information to increase your potential for readership, citations, partnerships and media coverage?

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Kudos is an award-winning platform for showcasing research, used by over 440,000 researchers based in many of the world’s top institutions. Our platform is free to use (register here) to showcase your research publications. Now Kudos offers a premium service for research groups and projects, through which you showcase your research activities more broadly, track your reach and log impact and outcomes ongoing to ease annual reporting to your funder and institution.

Kudos provides you with a project website, through which you can publish your project summary and link up related publications and other outputs and resources. Use Kudos to bring everything about your project together into one place and keep your audience updated on your progress.

Kudos showcases your project information on our global platform and tracks interest, readership and citations across all your research outputs. figma With Kudos you can choose to feature a single project, or multiple projects – which also comes with a showcase for your research group as well as your projects.

While your project data is also available on Gateway to Research, Kudos provides an additional global platform to present your research, optimized for search engines and actively promoted to key audiences – not only other academics, but also industry, policy makers, educators and the media.

During the month of March, Kudos is offering all UKRI-funded researchers a 50% discount on Kudos Premium to help you make your Researchfish submission work harder for you – increasing your potential for readership, citations, partnerships and media coverage.

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