Kudos and BJUI partner to extend readership of critical urology research through AI summaries and promotion

May 28 2024 / By Charlie Rapple

“By partnering with Kudos, publishers and societies can harness the power of AI with minimum effort, while maintaining control and ensuring quality.”

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For immediate release – Oxford, UK – May 27th, 2024 – Kudos, the platform for showcasing research, has announced a partnership with BJUI to summarise and further disseminate key articles, leveraging AI to maximise awareness and impact.

Kudos now offers AI-generation of plain language summaries for research publications. This capability accelerates the pace and scale at which research publications can be explained and disseminated. Kudos AI Summaries are carefully engineered to conform to Kudos’ proven structure, with short titles, alongside explanations of what the research is about, and why it is important – all elements that are associated with increased readership and citations. 

“We were excited to learn that Kudos now offers AI summarisation,” said Alan McNeill, BJUI Chair. “The fact that this can now be done quickly and affordably was a big factor in deciding to partner with Kudos. Authors can check and edit the summaries if they wish, but they don’t need to. Not only do we get substantial additional marketing exposure for our articles and authors, but we also get detailed analytics on the profile of the audience for our summaries and articles. These insights are important for helping us further develop our author services and content.”

BJUI has been closely following best practice relating to AI in academic publishing.

“There are lots of potential benefits of using AI in the publishing and dissemination process,” commented Scott Millar from BJUI, “but care needs to be taken to ensure quality and protect copyright. The Kudos AI summarization service meets these high standards.”

Publishers and their authors are competing for reader attention like never before. Kudos’s new AI-powered service means that when publishers partner with us, we can quickly build up a powerful suite of research Stories to help capture that attention. This new capability builds on other recent developments at Kudos which greatly enhance the reader experience.

To learn more about how Kudos could help expand your author support, contact Colin Caveney or visit Kudos at stand 314, during the Society for Scholarly Publishing’s Annual Meeting in Boston, MA, USA, from May 29th to 31st 2024.

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Charlie Rapple

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