Kudos Premium case study - Research Consulting

March 13 2023 / By Charlie Rapple

Research Consulting is a consultancy based at the University of Nottingham. The team are subscribers to Kudos Premium for Projects, which they have been using to communicate their research projects over the last 3 years.

They have built up over 7,000 views of their project Stories on Kudos. Rob Johnson, founder and director of Research Consulting, was interviewed by Charlie Rapple.

What did you want to achieve with Kudos?

We wanted to share the findings from our research. We had a collection of different outputs – not just one thing that we could easily host on a repository, and we needed a place to bring them together, with a cover page and some introductory text. We also wanted to be able to track our efforts to share, which wasn’t something we’d been able to do before.

Kudos_Project_ShowcaseWhat did you like about using Kudos?

Setting up the web pages for our projects was so easy. The Kudos structure is nice and logical, and helps us “triage” the information that people need. I know how I consume information – I don’t want to have to read entire reports straight away, I want to know whether something is relevant and then bookmark it for later. Kudos addresses that need, and gives you the structure and the examples to help people quickly understand “this is what this is about”. You don’t have to think about everything from first principles. It’s also good that you can add graphics; I think the visual elements help our information lodge in people’s minds more effectively. It was good not to be having to manage the web hosting ourselves as well.

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What have you gained from using Kudos?

If you put a little effort into promoting your research, you get a lot more interest and engagement. Communicating our projects has become a valuable part of our skill set – making sure lots of people benefit from it. Kudos has helped us gather the evidence to shape our future communications plans. One of our projects was particularly focused on low and middle income countries, and it was really helpful that Kudos shows views by country so we could see where we haven’t been reaching those target audiences, and need to do more.

rob_johnsonWould you recommend Kudos?

Yes! Absolutely! It’s really helpful. It looks good to funders and sponsors – for them to see our research showcased in this way makes us look good. It draws extra attention to our research and gives our project an online home into the future.

Rob Johnson
Founder and Director
Research Consulting

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