Kudos offers free use of Kudos Pro to help researchers keep communicating during pandemic disruption

May 15 2020 / By Charlie Rapple

For immediate release – Oxford, UK – May 1st, 2020 – Kudos, the award-winning service for accelerating research impact, has today announced that it is opening up its leading research communications platform – Kudos Pro – to the global academic community, with complimentary access for 60 days. Over 1,000 researchers around the world have already signed up for complimentary access following an exclusive pre-launch.

Example of Kudos Pro research profile by Professor Jacquelyn Allen-CollinsonWith campuses closed and conferences cancelled, Kudos Pro provides the tools needed for academics in all fields to ensure continued communication of critical research insights. For researchers whose work is relevant to COVID-19 and its implications – from diagnosis and treatment to online education – Kudos Pro makes it quick and easy to rapidly communicate research results and recommendations.

Professor Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson, Director of the Health Advancement Research Team at the University of Lincoln, UK comments that: "The new projects pages are an excellent idea, very straightforward and easy to use. The showcase generated also looks good and is user-friendly.”

Kudos Pro is uniquely designed to help research make their work visible not only within the academic community, but also to government, journalists, educators, practitioners, industry and the general public. Researchers can explain, share and showcase their work – helping accelerate broad understanding and uptake of research knowledge and reducing the barriers between experts and their audiences. Kudos Pro also helps distributed teams, working remotely, to collaborate for impact and extend their networks, both within and outside of academia.

Kudos Pro represents a significant step forwards in research communications – helping reach and engage stakeholders at the earliest possible point in the research process, and leveraging a wide range of communication tools and formats, such as social media, infographics, blogs, videos, dissertations and posters.

“COVID-19 is stimulating a rapid change in how research is communicated,” says Melinda Kenneway, CEO of Kudos. “Look at some of the innovation we’re already seeing – with global collaboration despite huge restrictions in face-to-face contact, and accelerated industry partnerships. The pace of adoption of new tools has accelerated, which is particularly exciting because of the long-term benefits that this will bring about in terms of how research is communicated.”

Kudos is already used by over 350,000 researchers from leading institutions, all over the world. Anyone signing up before June 15th will benefit from 60 days’ complimentary use of Kudos Pro.

Coronavirus-related research will also be promoted in Kudos’ newly launched COVID-19 Research Showcase, a ‘research hub’ of simple explanations and trustworthy interpretations of the facts, designed to counter fake news around diagnosis, treatment and related topics.

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