MedComms Experts chooses Kudos to broaden discoverability and understanding of scientific publications

September 19 2023 / By Charlie Rapple

First to launch is Novo Nordisk Showcase featuring somapacitan research

smartmockups_lmkcjr42For immediate release – Oxford, UK and Zurich, Switzerland – September 19th, 2023 – Kudos, the platform for showcasing research, has today announced a new partnership with MedComms Experts, a multi-disciplinary medical communications agency. As part of their innovative Publication Impact Program, the agency has selected Kudos’ platform to help disseminate scientific publications. Kudos will include effective short-form educational content in its global research Showcases. The first Kudos Showcase for a MedComms Experts client is now live – it features Stories that explain and contextualize research around Novo Nordisk’s growth hormone treatment, somapacitan.

The Kudos platform is built around research ‘Stories’ that link together plain language summaries, publications, and related outputs such as infographics and videos. These ‘layered publications’ provide a transparent overview of critical research evidence, all together in one place. Layered publications and clinical trial ‘Stories’ are then collated into powerful, reader-oriented Showcases which are curated and tailored for different audiences, such as academics and practitioners, patients and payers in the healthcare industry, and policy makers. Content is also clustered into themes such as therapy areas and global challenges.

Kudos has over 470,000+ researcher-users from some of the most influential universities in the world, with a platform that also reaches broad audiences outside of academia. Dissemination via Kudos has been correlated to increased views, discussion and citations of scientific publications.

“In this era of information overload, the traditional approach of publishing journal manuscripts and simply expecting healthcare professionals to read them has become unrealistic. Our clients rely on us to innovate and ensure that their research is easily discoverable and crafted in an engaging way.,” says Justine de Raimond, Account Manager for Novo Nordisk at MedComms Experts. “‘By utilizing Kudos as an independent channel, we enhance healthcare professionals' access to relevant scientific content, providing them a convenient way to stay abreast of developments in their therapeutic area.”

“There is a growing demand for better and broader understanding of research evidence,” says Kudos CEO and Co-founder Melinda Kenneway. “Research articles and clinical trial summaries are increasingly available, but finding all the related evidence and outputs that relate to each article or trial is challenging for health professionals and the public alike. Kudos is solving that challenge by providing a place where all this disparate content can be linked together and made discoverable and relevant to different audience groups, with differing needs.”

For more information about how Kudos supports discovery of corporate research articles and clinical trials, visit:

For an example of how we can help you showcase treatments and therapy areas, see our demo: 

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