What's New?

June 26 2024 / By David Sommer

I’m excited to share that we have created a "What’s New?" page in Kudos, to celebrate our new feature releases, and keep users up to date with any other recent developments they might have missed.


In contrast to the dry-looking 'change logs' on other websites, our new page reflects our continued work to freshen up our branding and user interface (UI), and is a sneak peek of how other pages in Kudos will be evolving over the next few months. It's been put together by our Head of Technology, Alex Reid.

Whats New Alex

The What's New page offers product feature updates for end users, with an informational tone of voice designed to raise awareness, make people curious to try new features, and ultimately build engagement. We hope it will inspire users that haven’t visited us for a while to explore our newer features - for example, did you know we can now embed infographics into our 'Story' (plain language summary) pages?

Take a look at "What's New?" today, and bookmark this page if you want to be first in the loop when we release new features.


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