Lots to say, lots of places to say it

Isn’t the year flying by? We’ve already completed several speaking engagements including David presenting Kudos as “one to watch” at APE (slides) and Charlie talking about how to increase the impact of research – particularly, on this occasion, open access research – at the Oxford Publishing Society (OPuS – slides). Melinda has also been on the road, speaking at both the Aries Editorial Manager User Group, and at ICSTI – slides from both coming soon.

Meanwhile, look out for us next week at:

  • NFAIS – Melinda will be participating in “the Sunday start-up session” (Regency Ballroom, 3:45-5:00 pm, February 22nd), talking about Kudos as an emerging workflow tool for researchers, alongside speakers from Sparrho, Sciencescape, Ponder, Zappylab and Hypothesis. The same group, including Melinda, will also be in a panel discussion on Tuesday, February 24th, in the Regency Ballroom from 08:30-10:00 am. They’ll be talking about start-up strategies for and approaches to building businesses and brands. Great topic! Do message Melinda (email or twitter) if you’d like to connect during the event.
  • ER&L – Charlie will be sharing the podium with a virtual Jill Emery to talk about the various social software tools that are being used throughout the research cycle, and how librarians can best engage with and provide support for these tools. That’s Tuesday, February 24th from 09:45-11:00 am in Room 103 (which sounds alarmingly close to Room 101 – hopefully we won’t be pitted against the sound effect of people being tortured by their own worst nightmare). As a first-timer at ER&L, I will be floating hopefully around the welcome receptions, refreshment breaks, game night and battle decks looking for people to hang out with, so don’t hesitate to contact me (email or twitter) if you would like to say hallo!

In the meantime, stand by for some other exciting Kudos news, currently on simmer until Monday… Why yes, there’s always something new on the Kudos menu!

2 thoughts on “Lots to say, lots of places to say it

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