Where will our paths cross in 2015?

January 7 2015 / By Charlie Rapple

Happy New Year! Hope you all enjoyed some rest, and some fest, and have chosen your resolutions for the year ahead (ours is 1280 x 1024 ... groan). There's barely a moment to draw breath before the year's meetings begin, so here's a quick summary of where you'll be able to find us in the weeks to come:

  • Force 2015 – Oxford, 12-13 January – Charlie Rapple (me) (indeed, I) will be attending this follow-up to the excellent Beyond the PDF conferences. It's right in Kudos' back yard, so don't hesitate to ask me for tips about local wifi / beer spots
  • Editorial Manager User Group Meeting – London, 15-16 January – Melinda Kenneway will be giving a keynote on the use of social media by scholarly authors at 3:20pm on Friday 16 January in the Emerald Suite
  • ICSTI meeting – Berlin, 19 January Melinda Kenneway will be speaking as part of the Information Trends and Opportunities Workshop (11:00 am) on managing 'real' impacts of science in the digital age
  • APE 2015 – Berlin, 20-21 January – Kudos is "one to watch" in the world of research sharing and researcher networking, and David Sommer will be our disruptor in residence on the APE panel at 09:00 am on Tuesday 21 January
  • PSP Annual Conference – Washington DC, 4-6 February – Ann Lawson will be flying the Kudos flag – do let her know if you’d like to meet up
  • ER&L - Electronic Resources & Libraries – Austin, TX, 22-24 February – Charlie Rapple will be joining Jill Emery to talk about social research networks and services on Tuesday 24 February at 09:45 am in room 103 ("From socially to scholarly and back again")
  • NFAIS - National Federation of Advanced Information Services – Crystal City, VA, 22-24 February – Melinda Kenneway will be talking about Kudos alongside other providers of research workflow tools, in a session at 3:45 pm on Sunday 22 February in the Potomac room
  • UKSG – Glasgow, 30 March - 1 April – Kudos will be out in force for this vital meeting of publishers, libraries, technology providers and other intermediaries in the information community – Melinda Kenneway, David Sommer, Charlie Rapple and Ann Lawson will all be in attendance so do get in touch with any of us if you'd like to catch up
  • ARCS – Advancing Research Communication & Scholarship – Philadelphia, PA, 26-28 April – we're excited to be participating in this new conference focused in particular on the importance of cross-disciplinary and cross-functional conversations around scholarly communications. Charlie Rapple is convening a panel to discuss the different sources of data used when quantifying impact (across both traditional and alternative metrics), and the extent to which consistency and collaboration might be introduced to the management of these data.

We look forward to crossing paths with you at one or more of these events!

Image credit: Crossing Paths, by David Spinks on Flickr

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