Europe PMC hears about ALMs and more from Kudos' Melinda Kenneway

November 13 2013 / By David Sommer

Traditional filters for research articles have relied on peer review and citation-based measures, but these don't reflect the wide range of channels through which scholarly discussions and sharing now take place. They also place emphasis on publications rather than articles in assessing research impact and quality. Article-Level Metrics (ALMs) – which encompass altmetrics – offer new filters, and new ways of assessing research and researcher performance. Kudos' Melinda Kenneway gave those gathered at today's Europe PubMed Central AGM a brief overview of the ALM landscape and an introduction to how Kudos seeks to build on these emerging metrics to help researchers increase the discoverability and usage of their published work. Here's a snap of Melinda in action:


Europe PubMed Central provides free access to a range of biomedical information, and is part of an international network of repositories based on the US' PubMed Central. It is supported by a prestigious group of research funders, whose representatives will have been in the audience for today's AGM - and who are hopefully now enthusiastic advocates for ALMs and for Kudos!

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