New Kudos partnerships provide more ways to help research stand out

August 16 2015 / By Charlie Rapple

August 18th, 2015 –– Kudos (, which helps maximize the reach and impact of research publications, has announced the latest organizations with which it is partnering to enhance the services it offers to researchers. These include:

  • TrendMD, the content recommendation engine for scholarly publishers. Publication pages on the Kudos website now include “You might also like…” links to related material within and beyond the Kudos network. Recommendations are based on “collaborative filtering” which reflects similarities between documents, and clicks at audience and user level. Publishers and researchers can also promote publications through “affiliate links”, similar to those that display at the top of Google search rankings. “TrendMD is revolutionizing the way that scholarly knowledge is disseminated. Partnering with a fellow innovator such as Kudos helps both our organizations reach new audiences,” says Paul Kudlow, Co-Founder and CEO of TrendMD. The company’s referrals have already increased traffic on recommended Kudos pages by 10%, with Kudlow noting relatively high levels of engagement (low bounce rate and high time spent on page) among visitors referred by TrendMD to Kudos, reflecting the “added value” of Kudos for readers.
  • Research Media, which provides editorial, design and outreach services to the research community. We are piloting a service which will enable Kudos’ publisher partners to sponsor creation of professional verbal and visual summaries for selected publications, for example to support non-native English speakers who may feel less confident about explaining their work in less formal language, or to acknowledge the success or loyalty of authors whose publications are attracting attention. “Kudos is a ‘plain language’ platform where broad audiences, who struggle to understand formal research communications, can keep up with scholarly and scientific advances. It’s a natural home for Research Media’s lay summaries and infographics, which are similarly aimed at broadening the audience for research,” explains Vicky Williams, CEO of Research Media.
  • Altmetric, which tracks and analyzes online activity around scholarly literature. The renewal of this agreement will broaden the visibility of Altmetric data within Kudos, enabling high-level summaries of a publication’s altmetric performance to be displayed to Kudos’ publisher and institutional partners, as well as to researchers. Users can then link through to view additional details on; everyone will see a limited sample of the relevant mentions, and those that have a subscription can view and manipulate the full data set. David Sommer, Product Director and Co-Founder of Kudos, explains how the two services dovetail: “Kudos centralizes and surfaces the activities that authors undertake to communicate about their work, and maps these to a range of publication performance indicators to help researchers, institutions and publishers learn what kinds of communication are most effective. Altmetric provides users with further insight into the online dissemination and engagement surrounding research, and provides the detailed data and sophisticated analysis that enables researchers, institutions and publishers to identify the potential broader impact that Kudos helps research to achieve.”

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About Kudos
Over 60,000 researchers have signed up to use Kudos’ free platform for managing communications around their publications – across multiple publishers and tools. They explain work in plain language and generate trackable links for sharing via email, web and social networks; these enable communications to be directly mapped against views, downloads, altmetrics and citations. Kudos thereby provides researchers, and their publishers and institutions, with a rich understanding of which channels and activities are most effective for broadening reach and impact. Kudos has over 40 publisher customers around the world, including Wiley, Taylor & Francis, Cambridge University Press, the Royal Society, the Royal Society of Chemistry, and the American Academy for the Advancement of Science. The company is also working with institutions including the current and previous “UK University of the Year” (Universities of Birmingham and Huddersfield). Early analysis of Kudos data indicates that the existence of plain language explanations can substantially increase the likelihood of users progressing to read the full text of an article. Kudos was named Best New End User Product at the 2014 Charleston Advisor Readers’ Choice Awards and is a finalist in the 2015 ALPSP Awards for Innovation in Publishing.

About TrendMD
TrendMD helps scholarly publishers distribute their online content to grow their readership and increase their revenue. TrendMD distributes links to content via a cross-publisher recommendation widget that is simple and free for scholarly publishers to install on their websites. The widget keeps their readers reading by surfacing content that the publisher has published. In addition, the widget gives publishers the ability to opt in to an online marketplace; publishers can both purchase traffic from TrendMD by promoting links to their content on third-party sites in the network, and sell their traffic by showcasing links to third-party affiliate content on their own sites. TrendMD launched in May 2014 and is already in use by over 1000 journals from top scholarly publishers such as Wolters Kluwer Health and BMJ Group.

About Research Media
Research Media is a communications agency that provides integrated creative services for the research sector. As specialist suppliers of highly effective online and offline dissemination services and channels, Research Media offers a broad range of skills across editorial, design and web. Research Media’s specialism lies in bringing clarity from complexity; communicating across a variety of engaging and impactful platforms. Whether that be an infographic, animation, microsite or a bespoke publication, we are confidently able to exceed our clients’ expectations in the most innovative and compelling way. Research Media’s flagship publication International Innovation is a global resource, publishing insight and analysis on current scientific research trends worldwide, as well as funding and policy issues. Coverage spans the breadth of scientific disciplines, with key focus on the interdisciplinary areas of healthcare, environment and technology. International Innovation’s primary aim is to make research understandable and discoverable for a broad audience.

About Altmetric
Altmetric was founded in 2011 and has made it a mission to track and analyze the online activity around scholarly literature. Altmetric tracks what people are saying about research outputs online, and works with some of the biggest publishers, funders and institutions around the world to deliver this data in an accessible and reliable format. Visit for more information. Altmetric is supported by Digital Science, a technology company serving the needs of scientific and research communities, at the laboratory bench or in a research setting. It invests in and incubates scientific software companies that simplify the research cycle, making more time for discovery. Its portfolio companies include a host of leading and admired brands including Altmetric, BioRAFT, Figshare, Labguru, Overleaf, ReadCube, Symplectic and ÜberResearch. It is operated by global media company, the Holtzbrinck Publishing Group. Visit for more information.

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