Kudos Spotlights #5

February 17 2016 / By Lauren McNeill

This week, we have 10 new authors appearing in the spotlights section of the Kudos website. Each of these authors have explained and shared their work in various ways, with some adding resources and their own perspectives to further support their work. If you'd like to read more about how to best explain your work in Kudos, click here.

Remember we are also collecting your experiences of Kudos with our new author case study cards. If you would like to share your Kudos story and feature as a case study, please get in touch.

1. Dr Pontus Lurcock

'New magnetobiostratigraphic chronology and paleoceanographic changes across the Oligocene-Miocene boundary at DSDP Site 516 (Rio Grande Rise, SW Atlantic)'

What’s it about?

2. Dr Amanda Grenier

'A Literature Review of Homelessness and Aging: Suggestions for a Policy and Practice-Relevant Research Agenda'

What’s it about? 

3. Majorie Derven

'Four drivers to enhance global virtual teams'

What’s it about?

4. Ms Jennifer R. Warburton

'Wrangling the Literature: Quietly Contributing to HDR Completions'

What’s it about?

5. Joachim Stoeber

'How Other-Oriented Perfectionism Differs from Self-Oriented and Socially Prescribed Perfectionism: Further Findings'

What’s it about?

6.    Dr Pedro De Bruyckere

'Scarcity at school'

What’s it about?

7.    Dr Sean Ekins

'TB Mobile: a mobile app for anti-tuberculosis molecules with known targets'

What’s it about?

8.     Dr Jyrki Virtanen

'Associations of egg and cholesterol intakes with carotid intima-media thickness and risk of incident coronary artery disease according to apolipoprotein E phenotype in men: the Kuopio Ischaemic Heart Disease Risk Factor Study'

What’s it about?

9.    Sanjeev Agarwal

'Metal metaphyseal sleeves in revision total knee replacement'

What’s it about?

10.  Professor Naomi Esther Chayen

'Automating the application of smart materials for protein crystallization'

What’s it about?

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