Kudos reaches milestone of a quarter of a million users

October 5 2018 / By Lauren McNeill

Kudos reaches milestone of a quarter of a million users

For immediate release, October 5th, 2018 –– Kudos (www.growkudos.com), the award-winning research dissemination and impact acceleration service, has announced they’ve reached the milestone of over a quarter of a million researcher-users, linked to over 6 million publications.

This is a significant landmark for the service, which was launched in 2014, to help researchers take more direct control over the visibility and performance of their work. The profile of Kudos users is at the very top end of academia, representing senior faculty whose funding success and career progression are increasingly linked to their ability to demonstrate and drive impact for their work – outside of the research community as well as within it.

“Reaching a quarter of a million researcher-users is a significant moment for Kudos,” said Melinda Kenneway, cofounder and CEO of Kudos. “Kudos users are primarily those researchers who are actively and currently publishing. This is a much smaller group than the tens of millions of users cited by the large scholarly networks and profile sites, but it’s this group that is under most pressure to communicate their work effectively and demonstrate impact. It’s also the group with greatest responsibility for winning competitive grants and helping their institutions secure government R&D funding.”

“From the earliest days of Kudos, we wanted to help the broader research community communicate more effectively about their work – whatever their career stage, and whether they had formal publications or not", said David Sommer, cofounder and Product Director. “To that end, we’re delighted to be shortly introducing some major advances to our service that will help researchers collaborate for impact and manage and improve the performance of not only their publications, but also their projects and other outputs – with emphasis on improving and evidencing engagement with diverse audiences such as policy makers, educators, industry and the public, as well as other academics.”

“We’re launching these new services iteratively,” said Charlie Rapple, cofounder and Sales & Marketing Director “and look forward to reaching our next milestone in users as we’re able to demonstrate how Kudos helps the research community collaborate and communicate effectively for impact.”

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About Kudos (www.growkudos.com)
Over 250,000 researchers have signed up to use Kudos’ free platform for managing communications around their publications – across multiple publishers and tools. They explain work in plain language and generate trackable links for sharing via email, web and social networks; these enable communications to be directly mapped against views, downloads, altmetrics and citations. Kudos thereby provides researchers, and their publishers and institutions, with a rich understanding of which channels and activities are most effective for broadening reach and impact. Kudos has over 80 publisher, university and corporate customers around the world.

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