Kudos launches Impact Masterclasses to help publishers support authors in navigating this emerging and complex landscape

February 28 2019 / By Brian Walters

Kudos is launching a new series of quarterly author masterclasses to help publishers further support their authors in navigating the shifting research impact landscape.

The Impact Masterclass webinars are sponsored by publishers who are committed to offering high-value content to authors, to complement their existing author support programme.

We are extremely excited to be sharing best practice on accelerating research impact, based on our experience of working closely with researchers, their institutions, publishers and funders.”

Melinda Kenneway, CEO and Co-Founder

Why this is needed

Researchers are struggling to understand what the changing research impact landscape means for them. Their need for support and guidance is clear, as shown in results from a recent Kudos survey, which received over 7,000 responses from researchers all over the world.

Key findings included:

  • 23% spend a day a week or more (20% of their time) on dissemination activities

  • 25% of researchers do 100% of their own dissemination – and a majority (61%) of researchers say that no support is provided by their institution relating to dissemination and impact activities

  • 81% of researchers would find it useful to have help in planning, actioning and reporting on dissemination activities.

By sponsoring a webinar, publishers can demonstrate support for their authors in becoming aware of the issues and help them learn new skills for future funding and career success.

Kudos has spent five years working closely with researchers, research groups, funders and universities in understanding the dissemination and impact landscape and are translating this knowledge into short and engaging masterclasses that will help researches learn how they can influence more directly the performance of their publications and projects.

Benefits for authors

  • Helps authors understand how the changing research impact landscape is likely to affect them and how they can respond to ensure continued funding and tenure success

  • Provides authors with an up-to-the minute overview of the latest tools and channels available to them to improve the visibility of their work

  • Helps authors gain confidence in using social media and improves their knowledge of copyright-compliant sharing

  • Equips authors with a simple framework they can apply to write effective communications plans for grant applications

  • Gives authors guidance and support in how to engage audiences outside of academia to improve the real-world impact of their work.

Benefits for publishers

  • Support and educate your authors in improving their impact, both before and after publication

  • Target specific groups of authors or society members that you wish to support and/or reward with additional high value services

  • Build your brand visibility with current and potential new authors

  • Utilize branded materials before and after the course for ongoing marketing and broader author engagement programmes

  • The combined PR with Kudos will ensure high visibility for your support of the research community in developing new skills.

About the Impact Masterclasses

Each masterclass will comprise a 30-minute programme of educational content together with a workbook that can be referenced after the course, and reused in publisher blogs and other communications.

Publisher branding will feature strongly on the masterclass slides and support materials – recordings and materials will be available to sponsoring publishers (depending on level) after completion of each course.

Impact masterclasses for 2019

  1. An overview of research impact and why it matters. Giving authors a clear overview of the shifting impact agenda – how funders are responding, what new measures of impact are emerging and the skills and knowledge researchers are increasingly going to need to optimize future funding and career success.
  2. Writing a communications plan for funding success. Guiding researchers through the basic process of writing an effective communications plan, particularly related to a grant application, covering goals, audiences, messaging, channels and evaluation.
  3. Effective dissemination to optimize reach and visibility. Introducing researchers to the wide range of tools and services available to them, through which they can improve the visibility and impact of their work, with guidance given on copyright-compliant
    sharing and how to improve workflow through use of services like ORCID etc..
  4. Engaging broad audiences outside of academia for real-world impact. An introduction to getting the attention of broader audiences such as policy makers, industry, educators, the media and public – adapting messages, writing styles and channels to evidence and improve real-world impact.


The 4 masterclasses will take place in March, June, September and December 2019 – to a specific timetable agreed with each sponsoring publisher.

Each masterclass will be delivered in two time zones, with unrestricted participation (although a publisher can cap this if you wish to only make this available to a select group of authors, members of a society etc.).

In addition, this masterclass series can be adapted to individual publisher needs if, for example, you wish to add bespoke content and/or have staff jointly deliver the course.

How to participate

For more information on how we can help you further engage with your authors:

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