Kudos Pro case study: Dr Gian Luca Rovesti

April 9 2020 / By Charlie Rapple


Dr Gian Luca Rovesti 
Veterinary Surgeon 

Clinica Veterinaria Miller / Ad Maiora  Equipment Manufacturer 


"Kudos Pro has been easy to use, and the early results are promising."

The project is developing and establishing a safe and effective surgical technique for treating cranial cruciate ligament rupture in dogs. One of the project’s objectives is to educate surgeons and help them achieve the best possible results in the clinical application of the technique.


  • veterinaryCreated a project profile page
  • Wrote a plain language explanation of
    what the project is about and why it is important
  • Added a personal perspective
  • Selected images to illustrate the page
  • Added links to videos and instructional materials
  • Next: create similar pages in different languages to maximize reach and impact potential



public outputs-2 insight
200+ views
of the project profile page in the first 2 days
200 people
in 20+ countries
140+ views
of related resources
Clear insights
into the most effective channels for sharing

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