Kudos Pro case study: Ricardo Valls

April 15 2020 / By Charlie Rapple

Ricardo Valls 
P. Geo., M. Sc 


"A very useful tool - easy to create project pages and add outputs in any language."


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Introducing ...
Ricardo Valls is a professional geologist with more than 36 years of experience in the mining industry. As a specialist in multilingual geochemical and geological studies, Ricardo has vast experience and involvement with projects worldwide.

What excited you most about Kudos Pro before you started using Kudos Pro?
"The possibility of organizing your “reach out” program to target audiences and in line with specific goals with the guided communications plan."

Now that you have been using Pro for a few months, what is your favourite feature, and why?
"The ability to plan your communication activities and log engagement against those activities. I can see the “blue sky” potential for collaboration in bigger communities, like Universities or larger companies."

What has surprised you most about Kudos Pro?
"The ease of creating multiple project pages and adding outputs in any language. I was able to create my first page just by following the steps on the web in less than half an hour."

Why would others benefit from using Kudos Pro?
"It provides a single place to create, manage, plan and review communication around research projects and initiatives that is accessible to multiple stakeholders."

Have you got a top tip from your experience of Kudos Pro?
"Monitor your hits on the results page. It shows which message and which medium is better to disseminate your message."

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  • Watch Ricardo Valls' video introduction to Kudos Pro in English or Spanish


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