Experiences with Kudos

Experiences with Kudos: Dr Sara Rovira-Esteva

We are delighted to share another author interview. We’re continuing to highlight the importance of our #mobilizeresearch campaign, and are excited that some of our most active users are also willing to get involved with spreading this positive message. Our latest author interview is with Dr Sara Rovira-Esteva, who specializes in Language and Linguistics. As a keen user of the…

Mobilize Research Campaign | Kudos blog

Kudos Spotlights #10

We have 10 new authors appearing in the spotlights section of the Kudos website this month. Each of these authors have explained and shared their work in various ways, with some adding resources and their own perspectives to further support their work.

Experiences with Kudos

Experiences with Kudos: Dr Sean Ekins

It’s edging closer to the end of year as is our campaign to ‘mobilize research’.  However, the importance of sharing published work will remain the same. Our recent interview with Chemistry researcher and Kudos user Dr Sean Ekins highlights not only how Kudos can help authors continue to mobilize their research, but also how vital it is…


Kudos on tour – the final round up!

It’s nearly the end of the year (already!); however, there are still a few more events on the cards to give us a chance to meet and talk with you all! We are still running our campaign to #mobilizeresearch, which finishes at the end of 2016. The campaign has done well so far, but we want to…